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Great forking work…

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Great forking work… Investing in the best...   Fork & Blade are a kooky bunch of Covent Garden venture capitalists and are the masterminds behind various acclaimed restaurants and cafés in London. Previously established as various small businesses, they came to Junior with the idea of merging into one core investment group, thus Fork & Blade was born. A daring play on words, ‘Fork & Blade’ is a sentiment to not only their love of food but also their great talents in Turkish barbering. Junior designed a neutral and professional website, yet kept an element of their edgy and eccentric Turkish-Cockney personality. Junior also reflected the establishment interiors that Fork & Blade so famously love by keeping the digital design strip-back with industrial dark tones, consistent with the fullscreen photography. Junior and Fork & Blade’s relationship continues on with every new ambitious venture business idea. SOMETHING: Art Direction Brand Identity Copywriting Naming Website Design Website Development

Great forking work… Investing in the best...

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