Ingram Collection

Framing prestigious art identities

Holding an accumulation of over 600 works of art, The Ingram Collection is the largest privately owned, publicly exhibited collection of modern British and contemporary art in the UK. Loaning both nationally and internationally, they place extreme significance on supporting artists from all backgrounds. Junior constructed three distinctive collection identities (The Ingram Collection, Young Contemporary Talent & Inside Out) whilst reshaping their one unifying mother-brand.

The Pure Agency

Producing pure perfection

The Pure Agency represents the finest photographers, videographers, stylists and creative directors in London. With an extensive and impressive list of artists, Junior crafted the website to be an organised and easy to navigate online portfolio.

The Quarry

The pursuit of talent

Founded in 1993 by Bruce Townend and Paul Watts, the Quarry is arguably the most creative and awarded post-production house in London. Junior was tasked with developing a new website that manages their vast video library whilst showcasing the work and character of each individual editor.

Hotel Creative

Checking in with the best

Ted Baker Tonics

A new format for the modern gent

The quirky and quintessentially British icon, Ted Baker, came to Junior to transform their bulky glass cologne bottles into a series of compact travel fragrances. Junior responded with Ted Baker Tonics.

Bennett Winch

Bags of finesse

Bennett Winch and Junior have formed a close relationship right from the start of their accessory vision. They have now become one of London’s most exciting bag innovators. Selling globally, they have received praise for their attention to detail and use of domestic manufacturing.

Ted’s Grooming Room

A cut above the rest

Masters in the art of the full Turkish shave, Ted's Grooming Room is a series of twelve highly acclaimed barber shops based around Central London. Junior was approached by Ted Baker and the founders to construct a website that showcases the various treatments available as well as selling a suite of home barbering products (also designed by Junior), whilst offering an insight into the unique interiors of each location.

Trawler Trash

Taking out the trash

Using the fish that most fishermen disregard, Trawler Trash is creating exciting contemporary cuisine and serving it over a traditional fish ‘n’ chip counter. The team approached Junior to frame their vision of a ‘gourmet fish & chip shop’ into a polished identity and an upscale shop fascia worthy of Islington's discerning Upper Street.


Barefoot pioneers

With years of historical and scientific research, Vivobarefoot are pioneering the barefoot movement by crafting shoes that give feet the healthiest and best performance possible. Vivo contacted Junior desiring a complete overhaul of their current website.

Perse London

Great things come in twos

Originally from academic backgrounds, the Perse Kaur twins have stormed the creative world by designing high-quality bespoke products that enhance our everyday lives. With eccentric and futuristic characters they’ve joined together, bringing twice the energy with them.


Igniting the flames

A celebration of shared cuisine, London’s Firedog turns an open flame into glorious food feasts. Firedog visited Junior to develop this unique vision into a rowdy yet competent identity.

Ted Baker

Bottling Ted

Based on Traditional Turkish barbering, Ted’s delivering unique haircuts and shaving services to the city gentlemen. Full of soothing and luxurious treatments, Ted’s grooming room provides everything from hot-towel experiences to ear flaming to razed sharp shaves. Comprised of over 12 locations around London, Ted Baker came to Junior in search of product packaging for their new barbering range.


Dhu-ing something revolutionary

With research that spans literally mountains high, Dhu has fabricated performance clothing using purely 100% cashmere. From brand identity to lookbooks, Dhu and Junior have been collaborating with each other to redefine the meaning of cashmere.


An East London Adventure

A grand Victorian building that dates back to 1884, the ANdAZ hotel on Liverpool Street opens its doors to hundreds of guests every day. Requiring something that is as opulent and spectacular as their service, they commissioned a unique collaboration between Junior and Stables+Lucraft.

Black Penny

In for a penny, in for a pound

Black Penny is an up-and-coming London coffee shop in the heart of Covent Garden. Renowned for their mouth-watering Hashes, they also make incredible coffees, juices, epic brunches, as well as dabbling in catering and private bookings.

Social Pantry

Restocking the pantry

Quite rightly Social Pantry has been voted the ‘Best Cafe in Battersea 2016’. They have become the go-to London caterers, with a dedicated team of experienced chefs producing exquisite cuisine. Social Pantry prides great importance on giving back to society.

NYO Accountants

Money talks

NYO are a bunch of energetic accountants who provide constant support through numerous services to owner-managed businesses specialising in the food and beverage sector. Seeking an identity and website that is anything but traditional, NYO visited Junior in need of a unique and approachable platform.

Fork & Blade Group

Great forking work

Fork & Blade are a kooky bunch of Covent Garden venture capitalists and are the masterminds behind various acclaimed restaurants and cafés in London. Previously established as a handful of small businesses, they came to Junior with the idea of merging into one core investment group, thus Fork & Blade was born.

Clear Cut

Clearing the way for greatness

Named the ‘UK’s Best Post Production House’ at the Broadcast Awards, Clearcut Pictures have been delivering award-winning programs for 20 years. Editing everything from drama to feature films, Clearcut came to Junior needing a modern rejuvenation of their identity.

Clear Motion

Putting everything into motion

A new business venture for award-winning Clear Cut, Clear Motion specifically specialises in Motion Graphics, using multi-platforms to produce unique and original content.


Cooking up a spicy identity

Jerkmaica, who is South London’s finest independent Jerk chicken house, came to Junior in need of a brand identity that was as flavoursome and spicy as their renown chicken. Junior constructed their brand identity in a way that reflected the informal and family orientated nature of Jamaican culture, and combined it with contemporary, clean-cut gastro aesthetics.

Orla Kiely

Spritzing up a Blast from the Past

Honoured and esteemed, Orla Kiely OBE is renowned for her unique retro prints featured on everything from homeware to clothing to handbags. Both Kiely and KMI brands (manufacturers of the Eau Du Perfume) approached Junior to envision Orla’s iconic style into a range of physical products (candle, diffuser, and perfume).