Ted Baker Tonics

Creating a spritz with a lasting impression…

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Creating a spritz with a lasting impression…

Quirky and quintessentially British icon, Ted Baker, came to Junior to collaborate on a completely new vision together: to transform men’s bulky glass perfume bottles into a series of modern compact travel fragrances.

The gentleman’s hip flask became the main source of inspiration for Junior in order to keep it masculine and dapper. The body of the bottle is slim, making it ideal for travelling in a blazer pocket, yet has a big face which helps to keep its value and purpose, almost like a utility tool. The design for each of the three Ted’s Tonics bottles is based around the idea of alchemy and is therefore inspired by the world’s most prized materials; Gold, Silver, and Copper. Additionally, Junior design a series of folding jackets for the limited edition range. Each jacket is made from a precious material, such as linen backed paper and leather, all of which has a lifespan and will age charmingly with each spray.


Packaging Design